What is A.E.M Gaming?

Is A.E.M Gaming legal?

What platforms does AEM support?

What games does AEM support?

How does AEM keep its website secure?

How does it work in a nutshell?

FAQs - Match

How do I create a direct match?

How do I create an open match?

How are the experience points calculated?

What happens in the event of a disconnection during a match?

What happens if a disconnection occurs multiple times with the same opponent?

Is there a time limit to find the winner of a game?

What happens if I draw with an opponent?

What if my opponent reports the incorrect result of a game?

FAQs - Payments and Winnings

How can I add funds to my account


What are the fees AEM charges?

What is the least/most amount I can challenge someone for?

FAQs - Accounts

Is there an age limit to play for cash prizes?

How is my level determined?

Can I create multiple accounts?